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VaniCream Status

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I’m curious how others have interpreted the VaniCream animal testing policy. I emailed to ask about their certification status and this is what I got:
“Our products are not “certified” to be cruelty-free by any organization.  Here is our statement that our company has on animal testing:
Pharmaceutical Specialties Inc. does not test our products on animals nor do any of our products contain any animal ingredients.  The ingredients used in our products are either produced synthetically or derived from vegetable sources. That’s not to say some manufacturer won’t use animal source in times of shortage, although most of these ingredients can’t be extracted from animal sources. It is our policy to avoid animal testing of our products unless there is no satisfactory alternative method to assure product safety, or if it is required by a government agency such as the Food and Drug Administration or Consumer Product Safety Commission. When such tests are required, they are conducted by an outside laboratory that has appropriate credentials and is licensed and regulated by governmental agencies.”

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