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Skincare routine for combo oily, sensitive skin

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Hi there!
My name is Julia. I’m 23 and on the hunt for the best minimalist, efficient and cruelty free skincare routine for my skin type and to heal the conditions I have. Cleanser, exfoliate (AHA/BHA, chemical), toner, moisturizer, serum, & SPF! Any AFFORDABLE non toxic, no fragrance, recommendations, maybe, with jojoba oil and any soothing ingredients? I need to rehydrate, turn up the dullness, unevenness and get rid of some hyperpigmentation that is around my chin forever from plucking hairs and a couple hormonal zits.
I’m interested in anything Derma E, First Aid Beauty, Acure, Pixi, Pacifica, Lush…? Please NO The Ordinary…not interested because of bad experience. Thank you 🙂

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