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A Few Questions from a Grateful Lurker

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Hello! I am appreciate it if anyone has information/suggestions.
1) Is “cruelty cutter” a Cruelty Free Kitty app? Free? I want to install on iPad & iPhone. Where can I find it?
2) I have tried 5-6 times to have Suzi’s 10 page guide emailed to me with no success. I reset my password, I always look in Spam folder – is there something I can do to obtain it?
3) Suzi’s product reviews are tremendously helpful – truthful, understandable & focuses on important product qualities. Anyone have recommendations/what to avoid for:
A)Mascara (used to use L’Oreal Voluminous, usually black, occasionally fun to use colored mascara- green, purple, maroon
B) lip gloss/lipstick for everyday use.
C) lip balm – my lips get SO chapped during winter.
D) I would like to step out of my comfort zone & find a Red lipstick – afraid I will look like a clown. Dark blond hair, very fair complexion, hazel eyes. If I get brave would like to find a dark lip shade. My lips are on thin side. I am not a big fan of matte drying lip products; but don’t want it to be goopy ending up on my teeth. Is it a good idea to use lip liner?
Any information you care to share is truly appreciated. Thank you. Happy New Year to all!

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