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Natura Siberica

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Could you please tell me if Natura Siberica is cruelty-free? They have some certifications but no mention of cruelty-free.
Thank you!

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Hello friends, natura siberica is very cruel with animals, I don’t know about the testing part but you can take a look at their products and see that they are very proud of using beluga caviar (and when you read the ingredients other sturgeons caviar too). So i don’t care if they test or not on animals… they do put animals eggs into their products and then we are supposed to put that on our face… no thank you!
PS they have some products without animals but I’m not encouraging a brand who is also using beluga caviar, even if some of their products are vegan. A bit too easy to please everyone and be sure everyone will buy one product or the other without taking a stand against animal cruelty. I choose only cruelty free and plant based products. there is enough different plants on earth to find what works in a cream for every skin type etc. no need to slave torture and kill animals

Answered question
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