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Not Your Mother’s Response

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Back in March, I had emailed Not Your Mother’s about their policies, since they weren’t certified and weren’t on Suzi’s list.
Here’s my email:

I just have a few questions regarding your animal testing policies. Do you/your ingredients suppliers/a third party test on animals? Do you test ingredients or finished products? And do you test when required by law?

Thank you for your time!

This was their response:
“Hi Watson,

We REFUSE to test on animals, as well as our manufacturers. We also do not have any third party testing for our line products. To our knowledge, mainland China as we know, is the only large country that requires animal testing in order to sell within their borders which is why you will never find Not Your Mother’s in China. We state “The finished product is only tested on our human staff, never on animals” due to the fact that we’re not certified by PETA yet.

We are not certified by PETA yet however we do follow all the necessary steps.


NYM Team”

What do you guys think? The NYM’s Naturals is the most affordable and accessible “cruelty-free” products without sulfates/silicones I can get, but since it’s not on the list, I’m hesitant to buy it again. Does anyone know if it’s CF for sure? Or any alternatives?
Thank you!

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