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Living Essentials/Joy Main

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As a yoga teacher, Young Living Essential Oils has been a go-to staple for all my therapeutic-grade needs. It has recently been brought to my attention that Joy-Main will begin distributing in Mainland China. From what I know, considering most of the oils are ingestible and for use epidermically, all products outside of Hong Kong are required to be tested on animals. Joy-Main claims they have a special deal with the government to avoid such cruel laws. I’m not sure I buy their explanation…does anyone have knowledge into this issue? I was going to be a Living Essentials rep but will not if the Joy-Main claim is false. Can someone help me out? I’ve contacted Young Living, but they of course assured me they would never allow testing. Can this really be avoided? Thanks!

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I’m wondering the same thing as I had someone telling me that Young Living is ‘different’ and they don’t need to test so all the other companies are just to lazy to cut a deal.

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