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Is Hair Food cruelty free?

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I’ve tried to Google to find out if Hair Food is cruelty free, but I keep coming up empty 🙁

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I sent them an email asking them about their stance with animal testing and this was the response I received from them:

I’m Alexa, the brand manager of Hair Food. Thanks for your patience. We’re having some issues with our customer service, so I had your note forwarded to me to answer you directly so you didn’t have to wait any longer. I so appreciate your concern on animal testing. This is hugely important, and I’m grateful for consumers like you who hold companies to a high standard on this matter.

We do not test any Hair Food products on animals, nor do we ask our suppliers to test on our behalf. We do require letters from each supplier certifying this. We are working on bringing no animal testing communication more prominently to our packaging and website. Stay tuned for that!

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