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Is Elta md cruelty free?

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I cannot find Elta md on the cruelty free list, do you have any info on this company?

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EltaMD is currently listed on PETA’s website as cruelty free.  I contacted the company and was told via email on 12/29/2018 that they are not sold in Mainland China.  However another article that I came across today said that “They (PCA skin and EltaMD) are distributed in the U.S., China and certain other international markets.”  Maybe they meant only PCA skin is distributed in China?  EltaMD’s animal testing policy states “The only possible exception is if regulatory authorities required it for safety or regulatory purposes.” which sounds like they might go into Mainland China soon or is not very cruelty free to me.
If anything, EltaMD and PCA skin been acquired by Colgate-Palmolive which means that the parent company is not cruelty free, but PETA at least considers Colgate-Palmolive “Working for Regulatory Change” meaning they only conduct animal tests when required by law.

I am interested in EltaMD sunscreens and skin care products, but I am not interested in supporting animal testing. What is your policy?

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