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Curly hair kids

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I was wondering if you can list some cruelty free kids shampoo and conditioner products for kids with curly hair. (Any products as well) Thank you!

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Hi Isabel,
I have curly hair and I use Body Shop’s Banana shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.
I know a lot about these products as I am a Body Shop at Home consultant.

The Banana range is suitable for children as it is sulphate free and it smells amazing so it’s a natural winner with kids! The Body Shop also do products for curl hair like a curl comb and strawberry hair towel (to avoid heat drying hair and damaging it).

If you want to know about any other ranges I am happy to help you with (I can also provide a discount if you want to purchase them)

Kind Regards
Abi Potts

Answered question
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