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Cruelty free Perfume in Europe

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I am having a hard time to find perfumes in the European shops.
We have here Douglas,Marionnaud, Mueller and DM but the shop assistants don’t know which ones are cruelty free.
Unfortunately we don’t have Sephora so would be very helpful to have a guide for this shops as well, or at least a list which ones are available in the EU.

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Hi Viola,
If you are willing to order perfumes online and live in any of the following countries (Belgium – France – Germany – Italy – Luxenburg – Netherlands – Spain – Switzerland) then try Eden Perfumes (
Eden is a British company and is both cruelty free and vegan and I adore them because they have such a huge range of different scents and some of the perfumes they have are close copies of famous ones like CK1!
Best wishes.

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