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Does this count as cruelty-free? (Zotos hair products)

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Hello all,
I emailed a brand called Zotos International, which acts as an umbrella/parent company for a lot of hair care brands like Naturelle (Biotera), Volumax, etc. I asked them if their products were cruelty-free or had any sort of cruelty-free certification.
This is the response I got:
“Zotos Professional is committed to providing high quality safe products. Zotos Professional Laboratories does not use animal tests to confirm the safety of Zotos Professional products. Safety of Zotos Professional products is assured by using safe raw materials and where applicable, confirming safety by testing via patch tests with human volunteers under a physician’s supervision and using non-animal alternative tests.”
Is this enough to qualify them as cruelty-free?

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I was interested in this as well so did a bit of research.  Check this website out, seems they are not cruelty free:

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