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Cf companies with natural hair brushes ?

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Hey guys! So recently I had the chance to work with a makeup brush company that sells natural hair brushes but also vegan ones. I would of course only get their vegan brushes but it made me think.. can I call that company cruelty free? There are makeup brands that are cruelty free but use natural hair brushes? I know morphe is in the “grey area” right now but whilst it was still considered cruelty free, I purchased from them and still use those palettes. But they sell natural hair brushes too. Same with kylie cosmetics!
So what are your thoughts on this? I feel like a hypocrite if I say I won’t use this brand bc they sell natural hair brushes too but use kylie cosmetics or morphe at the same time? But since this company only sells brushes, I really can’t decide if this would “breach” my strictly cruelty free mindset.
Id love to discuss this with you!

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