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Authenticity of cruelty-free logos

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Hello. I hope I would not come as ignorant by asking this, but do you think this logo is an authentic or fake? I just checked your article about spotting fake logos, and as I can see myself, this one is not 100% identical to the Leaping Bunny, yet, as I am fairly new, I am not sure that the differing colours and the title underneath are genuine or not. If that will help, the product in question is sold in Bulgaria. The shop offers from different brands, many of which are on your anti-cruelty list, but from what I have seen, the logo for them (if there is one shown on the shop’s webpage) is the same. There are also other brands, including the manufacturer of the product I want to know about, that sport this logo without being on your list, which is why I turn to you for advice, to help me make the right choice if you can.
Thank you in advance.

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