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Is 3INA Cruelty free?

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I just came across 3INA and it claims to be cruelty free. The sales lady told me that it doesn’t sell in China but I was going on Instagram and I saw #3INAtaiwan… which is part of China, isn’t it?

I really need to know! I’ve done swatches and their makeup looks so good!!

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Hello, Taiwan is not part of China. We are a country but still not recognise by many countries, but this is not meaning Taiwan is part of China

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Hi Roshilla,
Thank you for your comment. Taiwan is part of China’s Republic but it has his own regulations, that might differ to other regulations from other parts of China.
In Taiwan, it’s not necessary to test on animals since 2016 and in fact, they’re in the process to ban animal testing. Therefore, to sell cosmetics in Taiwan is not mandatory to test in animals, and in fact, animal testing will be forbidden from 2019.
Thank you for your question, and please, feel free to contacting us further if you have any other doubts regarding this.
3INA Team

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By Roshilla|
I am trying to be a better human being and hence, I decided to only own cruelty free makeup.